10 benefits of beautiful gardens

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Why is landscaping important? Because it creates spaces that make people happy. We think there are at least 10 benefits of beautiful gardens. Here they are

We all of us have different challenges in our lives.  And certainly, when designing and building gardens in Surrey, we discover lots of reasons for changing their outdoor spaces. Here are just a few of those reasons with some of our own ideas added to the mix.

In no particular order here are 10 benefits of a beautiful gardens

  1. A beautiful garden makes you feel safer 
  2. Gardens are great for your physical health.
  3. Having a beautiful garden reduces stress and helps mental health
  4. Landscaping can increase property values by up to 20%
  5. A well designed garden is easier to maintain
  6. Sharing your lovely garden boosts self esteem
  7. A great place to socialise outside
  8. Great for the environment-Can reduce your carbon footprint
  9. Creates wildlife habitat
  10. Improves your lifestyle

beautiful gardens with a mix of hard landscaping and planting

This garden in Chertsey offers a good mix of hard landscaping and plants

How does your garden make you feel safer?

Sad to say, that during my career as a landscaper, security issues have become more of a reason for landscaping works. Features such as fences, prickly hedges, outdoor lighting and strong gates are becoming more important as people – and their pets – feel more vulnerable.

A safe garden though, should never feel like a prison.  Careful design and landscaping can help you to feel safer, calmer and more relaxed in your own garden.  Think about using colour and plants to make boundary fences feel less austere. Think hard about where to position security lights and CCTV cameras so that they can do their job without being obtrusive.

Worried about your pets? Make it harder for passers by to spot your furry friends as they relax in the garden. And make sure that those gates are not easily opened or climbed over by intruders.

Gardens are great for your physical and your mental health

From the tiniest plot to the biggest estate, gardens have been helping people to feel better for hundreds of years.  They are somewhere to grow healthy fresh food, breathe in fresh air and soak up some vitamin D.

beautiful garden with decking, lawn and planting

A garden like this lends itself to all manner of different exercise types – yoga, tai chi, even dog agility to help keep your pet fit too!

Can you exercise in your garden? Absolutely you can! Even a tiny garden will be big enough to unroll a yoga mat or work out with some weights. All you really need is a firm, but level surface to work in. Preferably one that is good at absorbing impact. 

However, might want to think about some landscaping tweaks to make exercise safer and more comfortable.  Especially if, like me, you’d prefer it if the neighbours weren’t able to watch you testing your strength and flexibility. Think about privacy screens, surfacing and maybe shelter from cruel winds and burning sun.

For you mental health – how about changing the design of your garden to include a relaxation area. Perhaps the sound of moving water helps to calm you? Personally, I find the smell of new mown grass never fails to lift my mood and the sound of birdsong is music for my soul.

What features would you choose to turn your garden into a sanctuary that rivals any expensive spa?

Boost the value of you property by landscaping your garden

It’s a well documented fact that a landscaped garden can have a dramatic effect on the value of your home. That’s why I’ve included property prices in my 10 benefits of beautiful gardens.  By adding off street parking, somewhere safe for children to play, an attractive view from the window and the notion of a low maintenance garden, you are more likely to speed up the sale of your property and boost the price.

Read more about landscaping and property values in this article.

Create somewhere to entertain friends and family outdoors

As I write this, the UK is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully though, the number of poorly people being admitted to hospital is falling and Boris Johnson is making plans for lockdown to be eased.

Won’t it be wonderful to see friends and family again? Whilst I’m sure it will be a while before we can spend time in each others homes. I hope that we’ll soon be able to meet in the garden. Perhaps to share a barbecue or watch the children play. In fact – I truly feel that society is changing its attitude to the great outdoors and that we’ll all be spending more time outside from now on.

modern driveway design

Expecting lots of visitors this summer? Make sure they have somewhere safe and welcoming to park their cars.
This modern driveway, built by Manor Landscapes, is just the ticket.

Landscaping your garden will ensure that everyone feels happy and comfortable. You could install an outdoor kitchen, grow some herbs, build an outdoor dining room. Why not get in touch with a reputable landscaper to find out how he or she could help you create an outdoor entertaining space.

A home for wildlife

Finally, as more and more of our countryside is gobbled up by new developments, our gardens are becoming more important to wildlife.  Landscaping your garden with wildlife in mind, brings a host of benefits to you and to the planet.

Water features are a real garden design asset that double up as a drinking spot for birds and insects. A carefully thought out planting plan is easy for you to maintain, looks amazing and provides food and shelter to all manner of beneficial insects. Swapping your fence for a hedge could bring songbirds flocking to your plot. Whilst planting just one tree will suck greenhouse gasses out of the air.

Beautiful gardens benefit every lifestyle

No matter what stage of your life you are at, how you earn your living, who your friends are or what you do for leisure, your garden could almost certainly improve your life. One of the benefits of beautiful gardens is that they are adaptable. Talk to your landscaper, let him or her help you design a garden that suits your personal taste and complements your lifestyle. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that life is short and that we should all make the most of every asset. Including our gardens!

Contact Manor Landscapes today and start reaping the benefits of your garden.   

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