5 Stylish Patio Ideas

back garden paving project with large patio encased by rendered raised planting beds

Need inspiration for a garden makeover?  These 5 stylish patio ideas will stimulate your creativity.

In my 30+ years of building gardens, I don’t think I’ve ever made two patios that look the same.  There are so many different choices of pavers, laying patterns and colour combinations. I honestly think it must be almost impossible for two people to come up with the same idea.

Here are just five patio ideas drawn from the extensive number of hard landscaping projects the Manor Landscapes team have completed.  If you need help to design or build a unique patio, please call us for recommendations and a quote.

1: Large Patio Hugged By Planters

stylish patio surrounded by white rendered planters that double as emergency seating for parties

Usually when somebody is building a patio they plan to relax, entertain and spend time in the garden with friends.

This large patio makes use of a clever garden design trick to make it feel like an outdoor room.  The perimeter of the paving is hugged by bespoke built planters which double up as ‘perching’ seats.  The planter walls are wide and solid.  Just right for resting a plate of food, a glass of wine or even a bottom.

Once the raised beds are full of plants and the pergola is draped with climbers, the patio will feel far more secluded and the lawn area will become a seperate garden room.

2: Pure White Porcelain Patio

stylish patio with white sqaure porcelain tiles

White coloured garden features are trending right now.  This pure white patio has been made with porcelain pavers which have a glossy finish.  The colour helps to bounce light around the garden and make it feel bigger and brighter.  Walking into this space is just like arriving at a sunny holiday destination.  And at night time, it looks amazing with twinkling lights reflected by the surface of the pavers.

Using 600mm x 600mm square tiles throughout adds to the clean lines of this patio and the simplicity of the design only serves to accentuate the planting.

3: Sunken Patio With Built-in Seating

garden structures including floating benches designed by Lindsay Evans

Who says a patio needs to be at the same level as the rest of the garden.  The Victorians used to love a sunken garden.  And I’m sure that anyone of a certain age, will also remember the Blue Peter Sunken Garden  on TV.  I’m really pleased to see this trend being revived. 

The cosy spot in this gardenwas designed by Lindsay Evans. It features floating seats for a 21st Century look and feel.  Imagine how safe and secluded it will feel once all of those shrubs have matured.  An excellent solution to privacy worries!

4: Patio Ideas For A Sloping Garden


lovely english country garden with patio, water feature and retaining walls with steps to upper terrace

Don’t let a sloping garden put you off from creating a stylish patio.  With the right landscaping skills you can really embrace your garden’s contours and build something timelessly beautiful.

This is a garden we built in 2021.  Strong retaining walls create planting terraces which bring gloriously aromatic plants right up to nose level where their full beauty can truly be appreciated.

A modern blade water feature appears to come out of the wall and into a small pool, making a wonderful sound and creating a relaxing ambience.  This is one patio that I’d love to be able to visit time and time again.

Read the full case study here

5: Using Wood Effect Porcelain Paving

porcelain patio with wood effect pavers

Stylish patios use clever colour combo’s to make them unique and to help connect them to the rest of the garden.  These porcelain pavers have the look of weathered timber but they’re far easier to walk on with bare feet.   Dressing the area with neutral coloured furniture and bright cushions and blankets makes the patio feel even more warm and welcoming.

As well as these 5 ideas for stylish patios, you might want to consider curving patios, circular patios, raised patios, sunken patios, natural stone patios, clay paver patios or even wooden decking as an alternative to stone.

For more patio ideas, visit our portfolio pages or contact us to arrange a garden makeover consultation.  

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