7 Facebook Pages To Follow For Landscaping Ideas

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Social media offers a mine of inspiration and information for gardeners.  Here are my top 7 Facebook pages to follow about landscaping and garden design.

The Association Of Professional Landscapers


Trade association that helps homeowners to find a reputable landscaper and understand more about the technical aspects of building a garden.  As well as supporting the association members, this page often publishes inspirational pictures of gardens and also keeps you abreast of landscaping events.

Society of Garden Designers


Most of the garden designers that the Manor Landscapes team works with are members of the SGD.  I really like their Facebook page. It has lots of ideas for planting combinations, garden features, lighting and landscaping materials.

Friendly Gardeners Facebook group


This is a private Facebook group rather than a  page but it only takes a moment to join the group.  All you have to do is agree to their rules, which are mainly about being kind to others.

The Friendly Gardeners group is where people who love their gardens share ideas, experiences and tips with like minded people. It really is a lovely group to be part of. You can learn a lot, laugh a lot and be inspired.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine


It’s rare for me to buy a gardening magazine off the shelf  (I rarely go shopping) but I do enjoy the images and articles shared to the Gardens Illustrated Magazine Facebook page.  So many beautiful gardens to inspire me – I often dream of having one of my gardens featured in the magazine.  Maybe one day my dream will come true.

GRO The Green Roof Organisation


Whilst I haven’t been lucky enough to build one myself (yet) I’m fascinated by the science behind green roofing.  Did you know for example, that a living green roof is brilliant at insulating the building beneath it? Or that green roofs can absorb up to 80% of rainwater that falls on them, thus helping to prevent flooding?   Personally, I think they look much better than roofing felt – especially if you are looking down on them from an upstairs window.  Follow their Page to learn more about domestic and commercial green roofing.

Laura’s Gardens


Laura is a highly skilled garden designer who lives not far away from me. I’ve enjoyed working with her in the past and look forward to doing so again.

Follow Laura’s page to see how garden design concepts get turned into beautiful outdoor spaces – oh and to meet her cheeky border terrier pup Rocket.

Holland Landscapes


My very good friend Paul Baker has a landscaping business in Essex and this is his Facebook Page.  He posts regularly about landscaping tips, about the blogs he has written (they’re always entertaining) and about the gardens he builds.

And then there’s me…..

Manor Landscapes


Of course I want you to follow my own Facebook page.  We’re a team of experienced landscapers working in and around the Guildford area.  I must admit that I don’t post as often as I probably should, but there are some beautiful pictures on our profile of work that we’ve already carried out.  Plus, I’d really appreciate the follow.

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