Bringing Great Garden Designs To Life

back garden with architectural planting and patios and paths made with ivory porcelain paving

Do you have an idea for a great garden that you’d like to build?  This blog is for you.

If you have a garden idea, you’ll know just how much thought, skill and attention to detail is involved in finalising the design. And how time consuming it is to get the design onto paper so that you can share it.

Professional garden designers spend many hours on the design process. It involves assessing the site and getting to know their client’s tastes. Before designing a layout that will work beautifully in the garden.  Then they put a lot of time into researching landscaping materials to fit the brief and the build budget.  

After all those hours of careful designing, doesn’t that garden deserve to be built by somebody who will pay as much attention to detail as the designer?  A great garden is the result of a combination of design skills and landscaping skills.

porcelain patio with wood effect pavers

It takes great skill to lay slabs to this degree of accuracy and finish

How Does A Great Garden Design Come To Life?

When you approach a landscaper for a quote to build your garden, he or she will need a well drawn plan to work from.  That way you know what exactly is going to be built. Also, if you are talking to more than one company, you know that they are quoting like for like.

The landscaper will calculate quantities of materials needed and also consider how many hours of labour will be needed.   There may be groundworks involved. For example, changes to be made in the levels of the garden, to manage slopes or improve drainage. Then your landscaper will calculate the time needed to recontour your garden and add in any machinery hire costs.  

Remember, not all of the components of your new garden will be visible when it’s finished.  Sub bases for patios and paths, drainage systems and lighting conduits will be unseen. However, they still need to be factored in when quoting.

Once you have settled on a landscaper that you trust to do the work well, you will be asked to sign a contract and appoint the landscaper as principal contractor.  This will hand him or her all responsibility for CDM regulations so that you won’t need to worry about anything.

Large white porcelain patio with water feature built into terraces on right hand side of the picture

If your chosen landscaper has enough knowledge and experience, anything is possible!

Trusting Your Landscaper To Build A Great Garden

A great garden doesn’t just look good for a couple of years.  It is an investment that should last for decades.  You don’t want to be disappointed in any aspect of it.  From the longevity of the paving and the suitability of the planting. To visual elements such as having even gaps between pavers.

Before you sign any contracts, take a look at your landscaper’s past work, talk to fellow garden designers and other people in the know.  Please, don’t just accept the cheapest quote. You may find that you get a great disappointment instead of a great garden!

A good test of a landscapers competency is to find out if they are members of a trade body such as the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL).  The APL monitors members’ work and only accepts landscapers who are proven to have a high standard of workmanship.

Manor Landcapes have been APL members for several years and have been lucky enough to work with some of our regions top garden designers to build some truly great gardens.  Because we have such a solid knowledge of landscaping techniques, we’re not in the least bit phased by being asked to create unique features.

Take a look at our portfolio of work or call today to discuss bringing your great garden idea to life.

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