Can landscaping be done in winter?

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Can landscaping be done in winter? Absolutely it can! In fact there are lots of advantages to getting your garden made over “out of season”. Read on to find out more.

Why should landscaping be done in winter?

  • You are probably not using your garden so won’t mind if it’s in disarray
  • The neighbours are all indoors with their windows shut – if there is any noise, it’s less likely to disturb them.
  • Plants are mainly dormant – you won’t be upsetting their growth pattern
  • Wildlife is less likely to be disturbed by the groundworks
  • Some landscaping products need to “prove” slowly – which is difficult to manage in very hot weather
  • Landscapers have shorter waiting lists in the colder months – they’ll be able to start work sooner.
  • Drainage problems are at their most evident and therefore easier to solve
  • You can test your new garden lighting during daylight hours
  • If landscaping is done in winter it’s less likely to create dust and so your house will stay cleaner

The best time to landscape your garden is when you are not using it

digger working in garden on a dark rainy evening in winter

Imagine the frustration of a nice sunny day when you are off work but unable to use your garden.  Doesn’t that sound like torture? Well, the thing about landscaping, is that the final results are awesome – but to achieve the look you want, you probably need to make a big mess.

To build a patio involves digging out layers of topsoil and bringing in the materials to form a strong sub-base.  Very often, to save on labour costs, that means having earth moving equipment in your garden.  If you like machinery, its a sight to behold. But it can be noisy and disruptive.  You certainly wouldn’t web able to relax in the garden with all that going on.

The joy of landscaping in the winter is that you can watch it all going on from the comfort of your own home.  We landscapers don’t mind cooler weather – in fact is more comfortable to work in than scorching hot sunshine.  After all, in winter you can always put on another layer of clothing.  In summer, there’s a limit as to how much you can take off without risking sunstroke (or arrest!).

Neighbourly behaviour keeps life sweet

The only thing more disruptive than having your own garden landscaped – is having landscapers working next door. At least if it’s your own plot, you will reap the benefit of all that noise.  No matter how well you get on with your neighbours, hearing power saws, diggers, voices etc is really annoying when you want your windows open.  And as for the dust that landscaping generates in summer – well who wants their washing to come in from the line dirtier than it went out?

If you can arrange for your landscaping to be done during the winter months, it’s much easier on the neighbours. And then of course, there’s that lovely feeling when you can invite them round for summer drinks and watch their faces turn green with envy.

planting a tree in winter

Trees often establish better when they are planted in winter – it gives the roots time to establish before they need to start supporting leaf growth.

If your garden is poorly drained

Winter time is when garden drainage problems are most likely to rear their ugly head.  Good landscapers will always build patios etc with excellent drainage – no matter what time of year.  However, in winter, when the ground is saturated, it’s easier to see where problems lie in the soft landscaping. 

There may be a soggy patch in one corner where the lawn always languishes and drowns after prolonged rain.  Or perhaps there’s a spot in the driveway where puddles never seem to drain away.

Seeing the problem for ourselves, means that we landscapers can devise practical and sustainable solutions.  Don’t worry about us working in wet conditions – we’re used to it. We have all sorts of tricks of the trade to ensure that work can carry on.

Let’s talk waiting lists

2020 and 2021 have been extremely busy years for all landscapers, not just Manor Landscapes. And clients have been waiting longer for their gardens than perhaps they first imagined.  In summer time, the pressure is on to complete work quickly so that our customers can enjoy their gardens.  In winter, the waiting list eases a little and so, savvy clients will make the most of the opportunity.

Having your garden designed in early autumn, stands you in greater stead for having the landscaping done in time for spring.  It’s a win-win situation.

Are you hoping for a fantastic year in the garden next year?

Talk to the Manor Landscapes team about garden design today.  The sooner your project is booked in, the sooner it will be finished.

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