Grounds Maintenance Jobs for Spring

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For many years, Manor Landscapes has been helping councils, nursing homes and other organisations with their grounds maintenance jobs. Here’s a run down of tasks to be tackled in spring time.

The grounds surrounding an office or a care home really do give an impression of the way the organisation is run.  Unkempt lawns, weeds peeking through the car park, straggly shrubberies and grubby paths all create an air of neglect. At a time when we’re all being encouraged to meet outside whenever possible, that could be a problem. But don’t despair, Manor Landscapes is here with some commercial grounds maintenance tips that will show your organisation in it’s very best light.

  • Grass cutting and lawn management
  • Weed control
  • Tidying beds and borders
  • Mulching
  • Spring planting

Grass cutting and lawn management

A formal lawn should be kept neatly mown, edged and free from broadleaf weeds. In these days of social distancing and financial uncertainty, that might seem like a tall order, but it’s not as difficult (or as expensive) as you might imagine.

In my opinion, grass looks just as good – if not better – when it’s allowed to grow a little longer. “Scalped” lawns are more prone to diseases and to invasion from weeds. So it’s OK to raise the cutter bar a little and mow less frequently. A 10cm long sward will stay greener for longer in the summer and will certainly be easy on the eye.

When it comes to weeds in the lawn, there are two options. You can either apply a weed treatment in spring, or you can decide to manage your lawn more like a biodiverse wildflower meadow.  If you decide to apply herbicides, always hire a qualified contractor who will use the right spray, at the right time to protect the environment.

A wildflower lawn can be a thing of beauty and really does demonstrate your environmental credentials. Allow the grass to grow and set seed and then mow it in late summer before the dried stems start to fall over.  The trick for making a wildflower lawn look managed (and not unkempt!) Is to mow a border around it and paths through it. That way visitors can engage with the plants and creatures living within it.

chamomile lawn

Allowing wildflowers to grow in a lawn can create a fantastic sensory experience

Weed control

I’m a fan of rewilding – but only where it’s appropriate. A gravel car park infested with weeds gives entirely the wrong impression. As does paving with grass growing in the cracks. Manor Landscapes offers a weed control service that will keep your grounds neat whilst respecting the environment. Our operatives are trained to identify weed species and use the correct herbicides to eradicate them.  We are very fussy about protecting the public and the planet. Our training ensures that we can eradicate unwanted plants whilst minimising any damage to the surrounding area.

Tidying beds and borders

Winter tends to leave planters and borders looking a wee bit bedraggled. However, removing spent foliage, treating weeds and re-shaping shrubs will soon make them look much better. Our grounds maintenance team work quickly and efficiently to get the job done so that you can make the most of your outdoor spaces again.


Mulching is one of our grounds maintenance team’s favourite tools. Look at it as a long term investment which will ultimately save you money whilst keeping your outdoor spaces in good order.

In simple terms, all we do is remove any existing weeds and then apply a layer of compost or bark to the top of the soil. This prevents any weed seeds in the soil from germinating and it helps conserve soil moisture. Mulching makes your borders look neat and the mulch will slowly decompose, enriching the soil and feeding your plants as it does so.

Spring planting

grounds maintenance adding colour

If your grounds maintenance budget allows, adding a brightly coloured display of plants will reinvigorate your gardens.  Even a planter full of cheery pansies will make your visitors smile. And if you have the honour of working in a care home, planted displays can enrich the lives of your residents.

Grounds Maintenance Services

Manor Landscapes are ready, willing and able to help you with your grounds maintenance needs. From renewing fences to planting trees, mowing lawns and washing patios, our experienced team will ensure that your gardens reflect your company ethos.

Call us today for more information and to request a quote.  

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