Decking & Garden Structures

As landscapers, we love to use our carpentry skills to create beautiful decking and garden structures. Timber, and it’s modern day equivalent, composite decking, brings a wonderful energy into a garden. It looks and feels timeless. Timber suits a contemporary garden design just as well as it does a traditional English country garden.

Decking Installers

The secret to building decking that lasts is choosing the correct materials, and then installing them properly.  As with all landscaping, the bits you don’t see are more important than the visible parts of the structure.  Our landscapers build decking which is well supported on a sturdy, bespoke built frame. We make the frame with treated timber (so that it won’t rot) and space the joists very carefully. 

Whether you’ve chosen softwood, hardwood or composite decking, we will apply the appropriate treatment to each board before we secure it to the frame. At Manor Landscapes we pay close attention to detail. All of the decking screws are either hidden or neatly positioned to look good. We’re very careful to ensure recessed lights installed safely too.

Garden Structures

There are dozens of different ways to create garden structures from timber or composite materials. From the humble, but essential, perimeter fencing, to sophisticated screening ideas, Manor Landscapes can design and create timber features to suit your garden style.

Most of our projects include a shed or summerhouse, a pergola, sleepers, raised beds or a pretty arbour.  From time to time, our garden designers will specify garden buildings for us to erect. But our favourite way of working is to start from scratch and fashion bespoke features. That way the size, shape and materials will be unique to the garden we are building.

Take a look at our portfolio of work and our Facebook page for inspirational images of pergolas, arbours and decking.

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