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Every great garden makeover starts with an incredible garden design. The job of the landscaper is to bring that design to life by laying paving, building structures and planting the trees and shrubs that will complete the project.

Manor Landscapes are happy to design smaller garden projects such as patios, paths and water features, but for a complete garden makeover we prefer to leave garden design to the experts.

Don’t worry – we can put you in touch with some of the very best garden designers in Surrey. We have a long list of great designers whose abilities we have complete faith. Each of these people have worked with Manor Landscapes on several occasions. They are creative, inspirational and know exactly which materials to use where.

Who to talk to about garden design

If you are planning a garden makeover you will need a clear plan. Not just to design the layout of your new plot, but to ensure that drainage, changes in levels, safety and any planning restrictions are dealt with properly.

Start your search by talking to Manor Landscapes. Our skilled landscapers will chat to you about your ideas and the scope of works needed before recommending a great garden designer.

For a simple garden design, we can create construction drawings in-house. We can then show you samples of landscaping materials and help you to choose the aesthetic that suits your property.  

For more complex schemes, where there are slopes to manage or several features to place, it will be necessary to call upon the skills of an experienced garden designer. As APL members, we can help you with that too.

Whether you need a patio extension, a new driveway or a complete garden makeover, the team at Manor Landscapes are at your service.

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