Patios are part and parcel of most of the garden makeovers carried out by Manor Landscapes.  They are firmly entrenched in most people’s lifestyles and really do influence the way we use our gardens.

Perhaps your current patio is tired, uneven, stained or just plain ugly?  Or maybe you need a larger space in your garden for al-fresco dining, relaxing and entertaining friends.  

Several of the gardens we have designed and built have multiple patios. This allows the homeowners to follow the sun around the garden. Or, indeed to dedicate each space to a different activity.  There may be one patio beneath a pergola to house the hot tub; another for comfy sofa seats; and a third to create an entrance to a garden office. Patios are very versatile indeed.

porcelain patio with wood effect pavers Materials for Patios

The team at Manor Landscapes are experienced in working with a wide range of materials for patios. We would encourage you to choose pavers that suit  your property and will be easy for you to look after.  

Porcelain patios are on trend at the moment.  This material offers a vast choice of colours, patterns and tile sizes. Meaning that your garden will be a true reflection of your personality.  The tiles themselves are stain resistant, very durable and virtually slip proof, so they are ideal if you plan to be eating and drinking on your patio or if you are landscaping a poolside garden.

Natural stone is the traditional material for making patios. The colours and textures of natural stone are fascinating. And you may even be lucky enough to have fossils in your patio.  How awesome is that?!

Designing Patios

Manor Landscapes have installed patios for some of the best garden designers in Surrey. If you need a design for your garden makeover, we can certainly recommend someone to help you.

Remember, if you are designing your own patio to take into account things like slopes, drainage, retaining walls and base layers.  It’s not as simple as just plonking down a few slabs.

Talk to Geoff at Manor Landscapes about designing and building patios. 

Visit our portfolio pages for patio inspiration. 

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