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Front Garden Design With No Lawn

Hate mowing the lawn? Here are some ideas for front garden design with no lawn. (more…)

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Garden ideas for the front of your house

The front of your house says a lot about your family. Here are some ideas for improving the garden area at the front of your property. (more…)

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Landscaping a sloping garden 

One common feature of Surrey gardens, is that they are built on a slope. So here are some ideas for landscaping a sloping garden. (more…)

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Autumn in your garden

As summer draws into autumn, it’s a great time to review and renew your garden. Here are some thoughts on making the most of autumn in your garden and planning…

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Landscaping a Small Garden

In this article we’re looking at landscaping for small gardens, and how, with clever design and craftsmanship, even the tiniest space can feel as light and airy as a country…

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What does your driveway say about you?

First impressions matter – so what do visitors think when they pull into your driveway? We’re looking at ways to style your personal parking space. (more…)

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Will Landscaping Increase the Value of your Home?

How many of us invest in interior makeovers to increase the value of our homes? But could landscaping also increase the value of your home? Let’s think about it. I’ve…

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