What does your driveway say about you?

Stylish driveway

First impressions matter – so what do visitors think when they pull into your driveway? We’re looking at ways to style your personal parking space.

If you are lucky enough to have off-street parking in front of your property, are you making the most of it?
Whenever I think of bad driveway design, a picture pops into my head of the front garden on the TV Programme “Keeping Up Appearances”. The one with the overgrown hedge, the uneven pathway, and the broken-down car that doubles as a dog kennel. The couple who live in the house is portrayed as – well – a bit too relaxed.

In contrast, a neat driveway with subtle safety lights and perhaps some tasteful planting paints a picture of someone who is happy and successful.

stylish driveway to welcome your guests

Welcoming you home

Your driveway is not just about creating an impression for everyone else. It’s the gateway to your home, your sanctuary. The second that you pull off the road and into your drive you should be able to exhale away the stress of the day.

You should feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are safe. You won’t be tripping over broken slabs, slipping in the mud or getting lost in the dark. When there’s a clear path to the door it’s quick and easy to carry the groceries into the house. A good set of gates means that your dog/toddler can’t run onto the road and a clear view from the house allows you to spot visitors or intruders before they get to your door.

Your drive can play a part in setting your mood too. Hate clutter? Come home to a tidy front garden. Love colour? Celebrate life with some beautiful planting.

Adding value to your property

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that a well maintained and beautifully styled driveway can add value to a property. Any property. If you were a homebuyer, wouldn’t you want a tasteful frontage to your new abode? Estate agent’s claim that good first impressions often result in a quicker sale. A driveway makeover could prove to be a worthwhile investment.

How to style your driveway

modern driveway design

Your driveway says a lot about your personality and yes, you absolutely should style it to suit your character as well as your property. If you are planning a complete makeover, a good garden designer will be able to help you decide on the best layout and materials to go for.

If you like a traditional look and feel you could go for a gravel driveway or perhaps some stone setts. More of a contemporary fan? How about block paving? Sloping driveway? Resin bound gravel is a relatively modern material that has lots of advantages.

Don’t forget that the materials need to suit your lifestyle. If you are parking a horsebox on the drive, you’ll need to build it so that it can cope with the weight of a heavy vehicle. If you are a cyclist you’ll want a surface that’s easy to ride on.

Little details make a big difference to your driveway. Are you a “roses round the door” type of person? Or does a topiary lollipop in a formal pot have more of an appeal?
Perhaps you’ll opt for a mix of materials to break up the expanse of hard landscaping?

If your drive is in reasonable condition, you may not need to go to the expense of resurfacing it. A good landscaper will be able to advise on renovations. Stone cleaning, re-grouting, and a planting refresh can make a big difference.

Driveway design

Manor Landscapes are hard landscaping specialists and are more than happy to help you design your driveway. We can suggest a layout that allows room for car parking, suits your property and reflects you personality.

Will you want gates for security? How about lighting for those gloomy winter evenings? Don’t forget the plants that will offer privacy, colour and make your place feel like home. Manor Landscapes can help and advise on all aspects of driveway design and build.

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