When is the best time to redesign your garden?

hard landscaping for garden makeover

Is your garden in need of a makeover? Here are a few pointers on the best time to redesign your garden.

A garden makeover is an exciting project that will make a big difference to your life. However, by its very nature, landscaping can be quite disruptive. So what is the best time of year to makeover your garden?

landscaping in progress. you need to make a mess to redesign your garden

You need to make a mess to redesign your garden but the end result will be worth all of the disruption

  • It takes time to design and build a garden. If you have a deadline to meet, start making enquiries as soon as possible.
  • Do your research and choose landscapers wisely.
  • Be prepared to pay for professional design services to ensure you get the results you want.
  • Always use trusted landscaping professionals and be prepared to join a waiting list for their services.
  • Landscaping works continue all year round, weather (and COVID) permitting
  • When do you least need to be using your garden? Let your landscaper know so that he or she can try to schedule your work at the best time of year for you.
  • Talk to your neighbours – it’s always best to pre-warn people about major works close to their property.

Take your time

Garden design and landscaping should never be a spur of the moment thing. Think of it as a building venture rather than a decorating project. This is an investment in your property and your lifestyle. And as my old Grandad used to say, do it properly and you’ll only need to do it once. So plan ahead, research your landscapers carefully and expect to join a waiting list. The best landscapers are normally booked up well in advance.

How to redesign your garden

Before any landscaper can start work, he or she will need to know exactly what has to be built and where. Just like a building project, it’s important to think about things like levels, drainage, planning restrictions and existing utilities. For most projects, a reputable landscaper will work from a garden design. And by garden design, we don’t mean a sketch map.

You will probably have lots of ideas about what you’d like in your new garden. However, soil types, slopes, aspect and access might mean your suggestions need tweaking so that your dream garden can be built within your budget. A professional garden design service is well worth the investment. It will help you to visualise your new garden and ensure that the landscaper understands what he or she needs to build.

Having a professional design to work from also allows your landscaper to price the work accurately – meaning no nasty surprises for you when the bill arrives!

Garden design can be done well in advance of the landscaping. My advice is to talk to your preferred landscaper first and find out if they offer a design service. If not, they can usually recommend a good garden designer.

The best time of year for landscaping

I’ve been landscaping for 30 years and from a landscaper’s point of view, any time of year is the best time of year for landscaping. It’s very rare for work to be put on hold because of the weather – we have all sorts of tricks of the trade to ensure that your projects can still go ahead. True, extreme cold or incredible heat can slow us down but the only thing that’s stopped up in the last three decades has been COVID-19. Nobody could have predicted that!

The real question is, what is the best time of year for YOU to have your garden re-landscaped? Does work need to be finished in time for a special event? Do you work from home and want to avoid disruption at certain times? Do you have little ones who will want to be playing out of doors in the summer months?

Remember that a massive part of landscaping work is about keeping you safe. It’s not practical for children and pets to be playing on what is essentially a building site.\

If you are having a driveway makeover, bear in mind that you may need to park in the street for a week or so – is your area quieter at some times of year? For instance, if you live near a school, you might want to schedule the works for holiday times.

As always, discuss any concerns with your landscaper well before the work begins.

don't forget to include lighting when you redesign your garden

Never underestimate the power of garden lighting. Build it into the plans when you redesign your garden

Avoiding the waiting lists

Good landscaping is worth waiting for and the same goes for good landscapers. The best landscapers in your area are likely to have a waiting list. Occasionally however, a client does need to reschedule the work which means that your job could possibly jump the queue. Let your landscaper know that you’re happy for that to happen.

Please think carefully before engaging a landscaper who claims that he or she can start work straight away. It may well be a genuine offer, or it could be that you’ve been targeted by a rogue trader. Don’t be pressured. If you don’t know the tradesman, research them carefully before agreeing terms.

It’s very difficult to avoid landscaping waiting lists, which it’s why it’s important to plan ahead. That way you know what to look forward to – and when.

Planning your garden makeover

Manor Landscapes have been creating stylish gardens in Surrey for over 30 years. We can organise the design for you and we always do our best to schedule works for a time that suits you….although we DO have a waiting list.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to discuss ideas and a timeframe to redesign your garden. You’ll find all of our contact details here.

In the meantime, please take a look at our portfolio of work or follow our Facebook page for up to date progress pictures.

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