Will Landscaping Increase the Value of your Home?

How many of us invest in interior makeovers to increase the value of our homes? But could landscaping also increase the value of your home? Let’s think about it.

I’ve often heard Estate Agents talk about the importance of kerb appeal. Kerb appeal is all about first impressions. At the very least it can speed up a sale. According to an article by House Beautiful Magazine a well-kept exterior can increase the price of a home by up to 25%. I’m not sure that’s true in every case, but nevertheless, Landscaping – or even a garden tidy up is definitely an investment.

high value home with landscaped gardens

Landscaping to encourage more viewings of your home

There’s a magic formula used by salespeople and marketers in all industries. It’s called AIDA, which is an acronym for Awareness Interest Desire Action. First of all you make potential buyers aware of your product, service of property. Then you engage their interest, make them really want what you have to offer to the point that they take action. That may be an enquiry, a viewing and ultimately a sale.

Landscaping plays a big part in the “Interest” and “Desire” parts of the sales process. Here’s how

  • Makes a property’s picture stand out in the listings
  • Helps people to imagine how a property could become their home
  • Reassures potential buyers that the driveway or the garden doesn’t need money spent on it
  • Creates a lifestyle image
  • Helps to improve the look, feel, and desirability of the street

Ideas for improving your front garden

The approach to your house is crucial when creating kerb appeal. Remember, when a potential buyer (or tenant) is viewing, they’ll be looking out for the property as soon as they turn into the street.

Maintain boundaries.

If the front garden is enclosed, hedges, fences, and gates need to be neat and well maintained. These give a feeling of security and privacy, which most people, especially those with pets or children say is important. Could you create an enclosed area so that dogs and kiddies cannot run into the street? A neat, secure front garden is likely to enhance the value of your home.

Create space for Car Parking.

Is there room for off-street parking? A neat driveway says a lot about the people living in the house. A scruffy patch of compacted mud says even more!

modern driveway design


I’m sure you will have been advised to de-clutter the inside of your house to increase the value of your home, but what about the outside? Get rid of all those bits and pieces you’ve not used in eons. Remove and replace any dead plants, trim overhanging trees, sweep the path. It will make a huge difference to kerb appeal.

Low maintenance

As a garden designer and landscaper, the one thing that most clients ask for is a low maintenance garden. Make your front garden look easy to care for with lots of mulching, edging and healthy-looking plants.

Show the potential

Maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on plants right now, but you can still show your garden’s potential. As part of your de-cluttering operation Take out shrubs that are overgrown, anything that looks straggly, and every single weed. Then dig and level all of the borders. A layer of mulch will complete the minimalist look.

Remember that a potential buyer may be able to see past things like weeds but probably won’t fancy taking on a lot of work immediately after a house move. Neatly edged beds and borders that are completely free of vegetation are far more appealing than an ailing jungle.

Manor Landscapes offer a range of services to help improve the kerb appeal of your front garden. From a full garden makeover to a maintenance visit, we’re here to help.

Back garden makeover

You may not be able to see the back garden from the street, but when it comes to selling your home, a beautiful back garden is probably more important than the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Most potential buyers will want to put their stamp on their new home and so they are experts at picturing their own furniture in a space or imagining their dream kitchen. When it comes to the garden though, many are at a loss.

When your back garden has been tastefully landscaped it suddenly becomes an extra room in the home. Straight away, potential buyers will be imagining themselves entertaining outdoors, watching their children play, or enjoying a moment’s solitude. The house seems bigger and therefore more valuable.

Back garden makeover with patio and summerhouse

Again, a simple back garden makeover is all about decluttering and tidying. Mend (or replace) that wonky fence. Get rid of the rubbish. Hide the bins and perhaps create a privacy screen to block the view from the neighbours’ house.

A stylish, well-built patio seems to be a good selling point and adds the wow factor to any property. Artificial grass looks amazing but might put some buyers off – it’s quite a controversial product! However, re-turfing that worn-out lawn will change the look and feel of the whole garden – and it’s a very cost-effective to boost the value of your home.

The only problem with landscaping to increase kerb appeal is that once your garden has been made over, you might change your mind about moving house.

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